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Established Franchise Systems

Trio Law provides general counsel and representation for established franchisors across the country. We regularly assist with FDD preparation, updating, registration, and renewals; we provide early counsel and representation in franchisee interactions and disputes; and we handle and advise the plethora of business and regulatory issues that franchisors face on a daily basis.


New and Aspiring Franchise Systems

Taking the leap into franchising is exciting and terrifying. Trio Law guides business owners through the process of determining whether franchising is the best model for expanding the business and if the business model or idea is ripe for franchising. Having represented franchise systems and their underlying businesses unwind after premature attempts at franchising, Trio Law can help aspiring franchisors avoid obstacles to a successful franchise system launch.


Once a business embarks on the franchising journey,  Trio Law drafts the necessary and practical documents (including the franchise disclosure document, franchise agreement, and other important ancillary agreements) and secures regulatory approvals necessary to franchise.


Buying a Franchise and Analyzing a Franchise Opportunity

Buying a franchise can be a rewarding and profitable experience. It can also be an emotionally and financially draining nightmare. Franchise offerings abound, and among them are good and bad opportunities - healthy and unhealthy franchise systems. Trio Law directs franchisees in their investigation of potential franchise businesses and reviews and proposes changes to franchise offering documents (including the franchise disclosure document and franchise agreement) to advise prospective franchisees about the system and arrangement. We ensure that you are aware of the opportunities and obligations associated with the franchise and provide you a more complete picture of your potential investment. Your success as a franchisee often correlates directly with how much you know about the franchise system and offering before you buy.


Our typical review process involves an initial understanding of what the prospective franchisee desires in a franchise. We then review the franchise disclosure document and franchise agreement and provide feedback and comments to you, with emphasis on important areas of the agreement and potential hazards. After you have reviewed the feedback, we generally meet or confer by telephone to address any questions that remain or areas that need further discussion. If appropriate, we can assist or represent you with proposing changes to the franchisor.


Selling or Closing your Franchise Business

You've had a good run and are ready to move on to other opportunities. Or perhaps your experience didn't pan out as you hoped. Either way, Trio Law will advise you regarding the options and requirements to sell or close your franchised business location(s). Understanding the landscape prior to initiating a sale or closure of your franchise is critical to a positive outcome. Trio Law will also assist and represent you, as appropriate, to ensure a smooth transition out of the franchise system.



Disputes or Problems with your Franchisor

You entered the franchise relationship with a host of promises and assurances from your franchisor. Now the franchisor is not pulling through or you've discovered much of what you were told is not true. Trio Law's franchise counsel has helped franchisees across the country enforce their franchise agreements and secure favorable resolutions of disputes with franchisors. Your franchisor also has specific obligations under the laws of many states that may not be reflected in your franchise agreement. If you believe your franchisor is not holding up its end of the bargain, do not wait to address it. Franchise agreements often have stringent timelines for raising disputes. Prior to raising the issue, be sure to consult competent franchise counsel to ensure your interests are protected and your strategy is sound.

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