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Trio Law gets business. Effective business counsel requires more than just a blind reading and regurgitating of the law. It means, first, understanding the operations of a business, the goal of a transaction, and the nature and underlying currents of a dispute. Only then can applicable laws and regulations be explained, understood, and utilized.

Trio Law works closely with businesses of all sizes operating in a multitude of industries and specialized fields. We provide counsel and representation across the spectrum of business issues and throughout each phase of the life cycle of a business - from pre-formation planning to acquisition or dissolution. Some of these are discussed below.

Business & Corporate

Business Formation and Startups

Operating Agreements for Limited Liability Companies

Shareholder Agreements, Bylaws & Corporate Record-keeping for Corporations

Trade names and d/b/a's

Business Licenses and Regulatory Approvals

Business Succession Planning

Mergers, Sales, and Acquisitions

Nonprofit Entities

Contracts & Agreements

Franchise Agreements

License Agreements


Business Opportunity Arrangements

Joint Ventures

Private Equity, Private Placement Memoranda, and other Vehicles

General Business Agreements

Employee and Contractor Contracts

Employee Manuals and Employee Policies

Real Property/Real Estate Transactions

Management Agreements

Contests & Sweepstakes






Minority Shareholder/Minority Member Oppression

Breach of Fiduciary Duties

Breach of Contract

Fraud & Misrepresentation

Employee/HR Issues

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